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Discovery Center

Class at the Discoery Center

Take an extraordinary field trip to the farm! On The Farm Discovery Center, Inc. is an educational facility located in a restored barn. Award winning farmer, educator, video producer Chris Fesko pulled this 100-year-old barn from ruins, providing a rich atmosphere for people to reminisce. 

Multi-disciplined activities (math, science and language arts), and problem based learning are captured in several curricula that Chris has developed for teachers. These activities are part of the educational field trip for visitors.


Academic subjects covered:

  • Cycle of life

  • Cycle of water

  • Clean water, clean air

  • Simple and complex machines

  • Mathematics using an ear of corn

  • Pond life

  • Responsibility of ownership

  • Mammal characteristics

  • Domesticated vs. wild animals

An unequaled view of Skaneateles Lake, a working windmill, and many animals in residence makes this a unique facility and program.

Contact Chris today to reserve your School field trip!

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