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Speaking Engagements 

Keynote Speaker

Creator of the award winning On The Farm video series, Chris' Fesko's contagious energy will excite your audience. A unique individual, Chris can bring rural and urban crowds together in humor, information and entertainment.


   Chris has reached thousands with her enthusiasm. Her life experiences together with her quick wit make for a great guest. With an educational background, she also presents workshops for teachers. Give Chris a call or email today!

Noted Topics:

-Leadership: Do you Follow Me?
It is one thing to be a leader but it is a whole other to have followers. With changes in technology and generational priorities, Chris will outline strategies for our new working force and generations to be effective leaders.


-What I Do and WHY!
A great keynote address that describes the path Chris Fesko has blazed and where she is going next.

-Passion On The Run
A kicker of a motivating speech to get your organization fired up! The soccer coach in Chris comes out in this dynamic presentation of enthusiasm! The "how to" in this speech is about weaving your message into everyday life.


-Our Future Is In First Grade: Mentoring
A look at how to reach the next generation and how valuable it is to connect with them.

-Bringing The Classroom Into Agriculture: The Field Trip To The Farm      A great opening speech for your educational/promotional conferences.


-Resources & Infrastructure


-Barking Dogs and Wagging Tails A candid look at how farmers communicate with themselves and their neighbors.

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