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Everyday Is Earthday On The Farm

Every Day is Earth Day

 On The Farm

Every Day is Earth Day celebrates the stewardship of the earth practiced on a well-run farm. In this video, the Fesko family and their neighbors demonstrate care and sensitivity for nature as they work to maximize their farms' production. Wonderful wildlife footage captures the farm habitat and illustrates the delicate interaction of the farmer and nature.

Do Pigs Scratch Their Backs?

Do Pigs Scratch Their Backs?

Addresses some of the questions Chris Fesko's visitors ask when they visit her Discovery Center.

"Do pig scratch their backs and other questions on the farm" is an animal based video that scores high in education as well as entertainment. Triggered by questions that visitors to the Discovery Center ask Chris, this video takes the most commonly asked question to the masses. 25 minutes. 


Fixin' On The Farm

Fixin' On The Farm

Come behind the scenes and see how Rick and Chris Fesko and their family fix daily problems on the farm. Combines, tractors, barns, fences, even fields need fixing. Watch as they 'fix' some unplanned and unusual situations such as the cows getting loose, a tractor catching fire, and a wagon tipping over. 25 minutes.

(DVD copy only available as part of our On The Farm Collections found HERE)

Babies And Birth On The Farm

Babies And Birth

It has taken Chris 10 years to get just the right footage. "Babies" starts with butterflies, moves to bluebirds, puppies, sheep, and then the rarely seen event of a colt being born.

This DVD is safe enough for a three year old to watch and yet the adult viewer will be captivated by the breath taking footage. 28 minutes.

Changes On The Fam

Changes On The Farm

It has been 20 years since the beginning of our video series. Many things on our farm have changed. This DVD will touch on just a few of the changes.

The machinery lover will watch this action packed video over and over.

Watch as the old silo is dropped and the 40 year old Harvestore is finally put to rest. We still must store our feed for our 600 cows, so come along as we pack our bunk silos.

From Tree To Table

From Tree To Table

The journey of a log from a managed wood lot on the Fesko Farm to a beautiful table is the topic of this new release. The log makes stops at the sawmill, the kiln to be dried and then to a woodworker’s shop to be made into a table. The process is incredible and fascinating. You will enjoy this educational and enlightening DVD. 28 minutes.

Field Trip To The Farm

Field Trip To The Farm 1

Subjects included are MATH CONCEPTS such as using an ear of corn and eggs from chickens. Science with the cycle of life, characteristics of Mammals and needs of animals plus plenty of new spelling words that teachers can generate from this educational video.

Concepts that are addressed are Predator/Prey, Habitat and Metamorphosis at the pond. The classes also get to visit our Dairy Farm by driving right through a barn in the bus.

Hook'n Up And How It Works On The Farm

Hookin' Up and How it Works

Action packed machinery based video/DVD builds on the very first On The Farm Videos release, "Summer on the Farm 1."  This production explains the development of simple machines into more technical machines. Chris covers such things as ground driven, self-propelled, RPM and PTO and what they mean. Why do we measure tractors in horsepower anyway? The return of Rick and Sid gives continuity of real farm characters. DVD 29 minutes. (VHS available as long as present supplies last.)

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