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Nativities at the Discovery Center

One of the greatest thrills was having a live nativity at the Discovery Center.. usually the last week before Christmas.

Requirements: New born Baby With willing parents (oldest Jesus was 10 months old and heavy)

Many animals at the barn: horses sheep (Of course) goats chickens

Guests came at 7pm. Mary and Joseph were hiding in the math room.

Logistics of pulling this off.. Had to have a stable kid.. receive Mary and Joseph upstairs (hotel) and "no there is no room here at the INN.. the only place is the stable down the way a bit" . they would walk outside and enter the south door. I would sneak the baby down to the front of the stalls.


Lighting to back light the sheet over the stable stall.. baby is passed under the "manger" and mother makes noises as if delivering a baby. "Come Joseph see. It is little baby Jesus.. and the pacing Joseph pulls the sheet off and exposes Mary sitting in the straw with the baby..

The one thing I will never forget is the look of wonder in the children's eyes as they see this newborn in a stable.. and will never forget the real story of Christmas.


Through the years we have had 13 babies in the neighborhood that were able to be a part. The crowd ranging from 30 to over 100 on some miraculous nights.

Singing of Christmas carols and wonderful cookies and hot chocolate were served upstairs.

The children played in the hay mow and the Christmas story will never be forgotten.


Graham Harper was one of the last baby Jesus,..

His Mom Lori and father Heath were Mary and Joseph.

It was also a great chance to get our grandchildren in the act.. Johnny Fesko


Marion Brayman was also our last Baby Jesus. Kim and Eric were Mary and Joseph.. and i cant seem to find the photo. That was a very different nativity as we had just had the Disaster of Newtown Connecticut.. where so many small children were killed in an Elementary school. SPecial tribute was read in their memory.

We haven't done a nativity since. reasons are no new babies but I also no longer keep animals in the barn through the winter. so the ambiance isnt there.

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