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This is not ours. This earth and all that it affords us is not ours. The above photo encapsulates many of my passions: Learning, Curiosity, Children, Agriculture and our earth. I have an insatiable desire to share: Knowledge, experience, love and experience, Understanding and experience.. Yes Experience. It is the greatest of all teachers. It is truly important that children and adults learn by doing. To have the environment that affords the exposure to activity, real down to earth activity, is important. To allow curiosity and the miracle of wonder and discovery is the essence of education.

📷​​SMLXL 📷

To allow a different view, allows people to understand the concept of view point. I could give you a multiple choice of what this picture means to you, but I would much rather help you understand what you are seeing. In my way of teaching I would ask you a series of questions that would lead you to understand. My favorite teacher was a physics teacher in High school that taught me one of the most important concepts in educating:

"It is not the teachers responsibility to answer questions. "

Well that was pretty simple, but what did he mean? Let me show you another picture.

📷​​SMLXL 📷

The brain wants to tell you, "it is the same picture" It is frightfully similar. You must look for the differences and then seek to understand the differences. This is where we fail in education. We do not celebrate the unique thoughts that differences allow us.

When I present these pictures, people will sometimes become frustrated and blurt out, "What am I Looking at?" I must wait and understand that they are asking this question in an attempt to understand.. they are literally asking themselves a question. I DO NOT ANSWER.

A third picture will help some and yet confuse others:

📷​​SMLXL 📷

I will let you ponder these as puzzle pieces.

You are free to email me at with your comments and any question you may have asked yourself.. together with YOUR answers.

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