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So How Do They Learn?

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Recently the news has been full of "if a child is exposed to hands on learning, he or she will perform better on tests." Therefore indicating that the child has done a better job of learning.

Not so fast.

Learning has so many levels as does the testing of those things we test for. As a 6th grader, I can remember taking an IQ test.. As a sixth grader and a farm kid, I was very fortunate that the test had many components that included machines, gears, different view points of an object and what is it? I did well on that IQ test.

I remember an image of a shoe from behind that heal.. and asked "what foot is this ? right or left?" I remember a series of 5 gears and asked "If this one was turning counter clockwise, which way is gear number 5 turning". Now I wonder how many kids knew what counter clockwise meant. How many kids have even seen gears and knew what their job was.

That was in 1964.

All these elements come to play when you take a standardized test.. I would love to see what an IQ test for 6th grade looks like now.

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