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Step Away To Understand

Last week I visited Africa: South Africa in particular. I went there with a touring company, Gate One (1), as it is presently politically unsettled and had drought conditions which added an element of danger and stress. There was a planned day of strike by the black people for a minimum wage of $2.00 per hour. Did you hear me?? $2.00.

So Table Top Mountain is the landmark of Capetown. It stands in the center of the town which is on a peninsula. Everything is located in reference to Table Mountain. You can visit the top via cable car.. which takes you up: well worth the ride.

📷​​SMLXL 📷




Cable car left, view toward Ocean from top and then hiking trail up if you are brave enough.

I think I read somewhere that the rocks on Table Mt are 230 million years old. I am just glad it is not covered with Cell towers. There is a restaurant on top.

📷​​SMLXL 📷

The disparaging differences in America are amplified in South Africa. The population of Cape Town is 4 mil. 3 mil of the population live in a 5-7 mile stretch along the N-1 main highway like this photo.. on both sides of the highway along the Highway to the airport. Two girls, that were part of our tour, arranged to go to see how they live.. People were very welcoming: a mother with 5 children. They had one queen size bed and a wood floor. the running water was one block away. There was no heat or no AC. Bathrooms were Port a potties: Again, one serving many people and houses.

So now we go out to dinner at the harbor. Most of our waiters were probably people that live along this road. They were most polite. I felt guilty even asking for them to "wait" on me. The history


of South Africa is cruel. It is very similar to what happened to our Native Americans. The conqueror is always the "better" and mandate conformity and subservience. Our guide was of dutch decent and not proud of his heritage and the behavior of his race toward the truly African. He expressed disgust in how the black people of Africa have been treated over the centuries. So I came to realize that laws don't change people. People change people. We soon became tourists and saw the nature side of Africa. I will not forget what I know

My Next post will be what you think of Africa ,, the safari animals.. I just couldn't forget the truth about the people: powerless and oppressed.

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