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Whoever Has The Ball


When my Mom had dementia, I would sit with her and watch sports as she loved especially football. Her big question, repeated many times, "who are you rooting for"? I would always answer, "Whoever has the ball". Of course, that would drive my Mom into confusion. My Mom was a win at all costs type of person in her younger years. "get him" she would yell from her rocker.. When it came to sports, Mom always picked sides. You wouldn't want to sit next to her if one of her sons was wrestling.. Nor would you want to be one of 25 men trying to catch a greased pig at a company picnic in the 60's. My Mom intimidated not only the pig but everyone of those men.. She came home with the pig.

So that is my Mom: Competitive and competent.

Even as a coach, I loved a well played game. Yes I loved to win both as a player and as a coach, but I really loved a well played game. If they beat us fair and Square, great! I always felt that every contest had a lesson: How to win, How to loose, how to accept a referees bad call and best of all, how to dig deeper into your own soul to want to be better.

📷​​SMLXL 📷

That doesn't come with being unhappy with loosing or cocky with winning.

So yes, I root for the team with the ball. How would they handle this challenge and had they learned anything from the past? Or have any goals for the future. The overdone statement of the best offense is a good defense, is true in that you have to have both. Even in individual Sports. I have seen defenses win games and I have seen an underdog with a wiry quarterback (Boston College comes to mind) surprise the world with a Hail Mary. I root for the team with the ball because i get to root for everyone that way. I am for everyone.. I wish everyone well and I know that on any given day, anyone can win.

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